Glasswick Initiative


Here are some amongst our many glowing reviews:

“The Glasswick Initiative managed to cure my insomnia!!! After three months working with Sandra in the Seminar 3 sessions, I not only enter sleep quickly and calmly, but am also able to lucid dream 3-4 times a week. Amazing, and will recommend to my relatives.”
- Greg T. from Utah

“Thank you Harris and Cecilia at the Seminar 1 department :) I’ve only just begun my road to better sleep and better dreams, but I’m so excited to learn more from Glasswick Initiative! Much love and peace!”
- Kassandra F. from Pennsylvania

“I’m typing this for my daughter since she’s too impatient to be using the computer, but Marissa would like to say thank you to T.J from Seminar 1! As a mother of three, I was so nervous to be sending one of my kids to the seminar, but T.J was so patient and careful with my little one! She’s already completed the first stage, and so excited to go back for more. Highly recommend these folks.”
- Meredith S. from Texas

“My friends refuse to believe me when I tell them about all the dreams I’ve had. They say they’re more like daydreams, and I just laugh in their faces - HA! This is the power of eight months of training with Glasswick Initiative. As a long-time supporter of Glasswick, and a Seminar 4 attendee, I encourage anyone who’s even the slightest bit interested in dreaming uninhibited to sign up for a couple of their sessions. You won’t regret it, I promise!”
- Joseph G. from Boston